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The Retro Base

Welcome to The Retro Base

As, an avid gaming enthusast, I remember playing some amazing old school PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles, but with the speed of rapid new information living in the social media age, I want to dedicate this page to the nostalgic video games I played and a destination for all the epic classic titles I missed out on growing, this is the start of something new stay tuned fellow gamers.



PlayStation 2 Games List

  1. Airblade 


2. X-Squad 


3. XG3: Extreme-G Racing 


4. WipeOut Fusion 


5. Ratchet and Clank 3 


6. Shadow the Hedgehog 


7. Sonic Riders


Dark Cloud Demo and Introduction





Crazy Taxi

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

Tokyo Road Race


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