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My Life


Chapter 4

Date: 11/11/18

Plan of the day


Hey, readers I hope you’re all doing well, today I will be doing my final assignments and excercising and ensuring I take my higher education seriously, I am in a very significant stage in my life as an adult and I want to be able to take full responsibility for my actions, I will be training in self defence in my own way. I am a silent warrior a Ninja who wants to be a good man and make up for my past mistakes.

I also need to find employment, as a college student it is important to keep yourself occupied even if the job is bad, sometimes you don’t have a choice but since I am still young I will continue with the same goals.

Technology needs to be utilised for profit and Entrepreneurship but on the other hand, I need mentors and people to network to help me become a better version of myself. I miss gaming so much I played Jet Set Radio on PC today and will be playing PlayStation 4 at some point in my life.

Music is something I want to pursue in terms of being extroverted and using it as a creative outlet


  1. Correcting some typos on some hyperlink URL’s on this blog
  2. Write about Black Gamers in eSports and lack of representation in Overwatch Fiona Nova, Fighting Game Community, PUNK (video game player), (ECHO FOX)  Sonic Fox, ,  Speedkicks, Cuddlecore , King Jae.



I want to establish my social life and work life, I need a balance

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