Elon Musk wants to build a Gundam Mecha this is crazy yet exciting could this be a reality or just a hypothesis

Businessman and Technological entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to create a real life mecha


Elon Musk.jpg



Technology and space entrepreneur and founder of Space X has tweeted his interest in creating a mecha, this could be just an idea or something Space X has implemented into reality and this mecha could be in the early stages of development, I think it’s remarkabale that we can officially have something in the fictional realm brought to life by Space X. Mecha’s are a Japanese abbreviation for mechanical, they are mostly known for being in anime, video games and other fictional forms of entertainment such as: Iron Gundam Blooded Orphans, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Megas XLR.

Elon Musk also enjoys Kimi no Na Wa the excellent anime movie








Date published: 14/10/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

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Echo Fox Drops Top Players To Focus On Future Positioning

FGC Blog

Image result for echo fox Photo Credit: Hardcore Gamer

In a surprise statement via Twitter on Monday, eSports team Echo Fox decided to drop its Call of Duty and Gears of War teams along with Street Fighter V player Punk, MKX player Scar, and Injustice player Theo.

The release of these players shocked the FGC, especially with Punk winning Thunderstruck 2018 this past weekend. Fans and the players took to Twitter regarding the news.

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The Newest Comedy Central Key & Peele Meme is taking over the Internet
















Date published: 29/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Fighting Game Hardcore [Facebook] (2) Premydaremy [YouTube]  (3) thatguyCD [Twitter]  (4) Shalakushka [Facebook] 

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China fostering spy rings at Australian universities to monitor exchange students



There are almost 100,000 mainland Chinesestudents studying at Australian universities, where they are no doubt exposed to ideas that might be censored at home. This fact has not gone unnoticed by Chinese intelligence professionals, some of whom have admitted to a reporter for the respected Sydney Morning Herald that they recruit networks of students to monitor the Chinese community.

Officially, education counselors at the Chinese embassy organize student associations in order to provide support services that may be lacking at Australian universities for overseas students. These associations provide help and a sense of community for Chinese students, but they also provide a network to gather human intelligence and monitor their citizens’ activities.

In particular, Beijing wants to keep tabs on any anti-authoritarian movements and groups related to Tibet and Falun Gong.

Some students have said they faced negative repercussions based on reports made to the student association. After he…

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The PS4’s first big update is almost here, check out what’s inside


Curious to know everything that’s in the PlayStation 4‘s 1.70 update launching on Wednesday? You won’t have to download it yourself to find out — Sony has spilled the beans ahead of time. Some of these updates we’ve heard about before, such as the SHAREfactory video editor, 720p HD Twitch streams (that are archivable) and automatic pre-order downloads.

However, we now know that there’s quite a few subtler improvements in store. You can control the default length for shared gameplay videos before saving them to a USB drive, and a toggle to dim the DualShock 4‘s lightbar is included in this update. Remote Link pairing with the PlayStation Vita is now automatic, and those who hate credit cards can shop with PayPal on the PlayStation Store. All told, this is a lot more than a simple tune-up, and you’ll likely want it as soon as it hits…

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NBC: ‘Operation Chromite’ focuses on ‘Forgotten’ Korean War, bridging US and Korean cinema


imagesNBC News (by Stephany Bai):

Despite heavy involvement from the U.S. military, the Korean War is often referred to as “the forgotten war” because of its relatively low profile in history, according to military historians.

A new film, “Operation Chromite,” is spotlighting one of the key figures of the war, United States Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Liam Neeson portrays MacArthur in the film and is joined by two major Korean actors, Bum Soo Lee and Jung Jae Lee, in telling the story of the amphibious landing at Incheon, which the filmmakers say was one of the most consequential moments of the war. The movie, which makes its American debut on Aug. 12, opened at number one in South Korea, according to Variety.

[MacArthur] is a very well-known and respected figure in South Korea,” Bum Soo Lee told NBC News. “There may be people…

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How to make NBA Basketball Board Game from Cardboard DIY at Home

Have you always wanted to be an NBA star, well now you can



In this, informative by DIY ocean a YouTuber you will learn how to make a basketball cupboard game this video is a creative video, where you will be able to create a innovative, fun and exciting basketball cupboard board game, this video is fantastic, it allows you to be the National basketball Association All Star star you always dreamed of being, basketball players such as LeBron James, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and so on would be so proud, this tutorial is clear and concise and aesthetically pleasing making this product worth getting into, you can compare this to the Nintendo Labo. 

The things you will need include: 

  1. Cupboard and 5 cupboard strips, make sure you follow the instructions
  2. 5 Ping Pong balls test them out once the cupboard has been assembled
  3. Black Marker (Permanent marker) 
  4. Wooden Sticks
  5. Lollipop Stick 
  6. Rubber band
  7. Plastic pin
  8. Paper cup 
  9. Pen knife 
  10. Bottle cap 
  11. Hot glue gun
  12. Follow the instructions, step by step 

I hope, you enjoyed reading this article, Basketball is the best sport in the world, America is the number one country where it is, originally founded and we must preserve this history, basketball is also international and globally this sport is one of a kind, seeing elite athletes perform to the best of their ability in order to surpass their limits is phenomenal.




Date published: 21/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) DIY OCEAN [YouTube] 

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Skateboarding Maids, the potential

Lift the skirt neatly, the art is fine. The feeling of the backlight and the clouds in the background are good and the atmosphere is wonderful, can we get a skateboarding, slice of life manga and eventually an anime adaption, we need to support this mangaka.





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