Check out the awesome cosplayer from the UK @sschloe

Cosplay interview with @sschloe

How are you doing, everybody I hope you’re good, I got the opportunity to interview one of the coolest cosplayers from the United Kingdom, she is a talented costume player and fellow Yu-Gi-Oh duelist she is a true aficionado of Geek popular culture and it was an honour to interview her check out the full coverage below:



  1. Joseph: So what events are you looking forward to in 2018


  1. sschloe: The events I’m looking forward to most in 2018 is Amecon, an anime convention which takes place at Warwick university. And Tokonatsu, which is a Japanese Culture Camping Festival.


2.  Joseph Opoku: what got you into cosplay in the first place ?


2. sschloe: I’d always enjoyed seeing all the different cosplayers when I went to conventions. Then one year I just decided to do it too. My first cosplay was Yuki from Vampire Knight.


3. What’s your signa






Kakashi 1Kakashi 2Kakashi 3Kakashi 4CfkUpZkXIAACaoNTorhu Kitacon


Blogging is Hard!

Arthifis' Place

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

I think I’ve talked about this subject many times… Blogging in general, my experience with blogging, when I don’t feel that good when it comes to blogging. But, I think I never addressed this! 😀

I love blogging! I really do, it’s one of those things I can see myself doing forever! That’s why I’m trying to go pro. However, Blogging is not easy! Like, not at all! XD So, I though to myself, why not write a post about this? And here we are! Take in mind though, some of the things I’ll address may make more sense to people who also are trying to go pro versus people who just do it as a hobby.

blogging going pro I googled Anime Pro Gif and this is what appeared

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Idris Elba to Face Off Against Dwayne Johnson in ‘Fast and Furious’ Spinoff

Idris Elba is a very versatile man, he is undoubtably a very talented actor, he is reportedly in final talks to potray the villain in the upcoming Fast and Furious spin-off movie Hobbs and Shaw. this film stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in their Fast and Furious character roles , Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. The two began as rivals but began to team up in Fate of the Furious.

Variety reported that Idrils will play the antagonist who forces the duo to work together. The script was put together by series architect Chris Morgan, and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch is set to direct. It’s slated to release on July 26, 2019.

Idris Elba gained notoriety playing roles such as heroic Heimdall in Thor: Ragnorok and Avengers: Infinity War, The Dark Tower and Pacific Rim, Elba has had some villainous turns too. He recently played the villain in Star Trek Beyond and voiced Shere Khan in the live-action The Jungle Book. He’s also been rumored to be under consideration to play the iconic character James Bond.

Universal has been looking for a way to put Dwayne Johnson in a starring role spin-off, given the popularity of his character. Fate of the Furious set up a natural vehicle for this to finally happen, given the buddy-cop chemistry with Statham. 



Date published: 08/07/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Gamespot 

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In case one did not know, there is a Fast and Furious spinoff film in the works. Spinoffs seem to be popular in the industry right now with upcoming releases like Sony’s Venom and Paramount’s Bumblebee. Dwayne Johnson, who probably has the best streak of being consistently on a theater screen throughout the year from all of Hollywood, will be leading the spinoff with the same charisma that helped revitalize the franchise years ago. He will reprise the role of special agent Luke Hobbs and joining him will be Jason Statham reprising the role of criminal mastermind Deckard Shaw.

Titled Hobbs and Shaw, the film will focus on the two foes joining forces yet again (first seen in The Fate of the Furious) to stop some threat. That is literally all that was known about the film until now. Variety has just broken the news on who will be…

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I got the Premium Plan!



Hello everyone, this is Matthew. I got some exciting news to tell you guys since it involves my blog. I recently signed up for the premium plan in WordPress. This means that I am going beyond in my blogging as I try and learn how to make money out of my blog. I am still learning on monetizing and exploring the expanded features on this plan. I am still going to be writing as usual and make use of the one year plan. I only ask if you can continue to support me and share my blog to everyone. I am going to need help to continue this plan if Lord willing me to do this further. You can still support me by donating me at Ko-Fi. I plan to continue writing and enjoy the many things in my hobby. I just need your support and help me get more…

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5 Expensive Video Games You May Own

5 expensive video games you may own written by Rebecca Geizura (Game Over Box)


5. Tooth Protectors (Atari 2600) $450


Tooth Protectors was one of the first video games to sponsor a company.  Johnson and Johnson released this game by mail order only.  You play as the Tooth Protector and must save the teeth from the snake.  To do this, you must stop the snake from shooting breadcrumbs.  If the teeth get take too much damage, you can clean them with a toothbrush.




4. Suikoden II (Playstation 1) $150





In this role-playing game, players control a boy who must travel around the world map and advancing the plot.  The side quests and strategic elements make this game one of the most expensive games for the original Playstation. A new factory sealed game may sell for around $300!

3. Musha (Sega Genesis) $300


(Melbourne Console Reproductions)

Musha is one of the few good quality shooting games on the Sega Genesis.  This was a very popular game in Japan, but it never caught on in the United States.  It was also never released in Europe making it a very sought-after game.


2. Shantae (Gameboy Color) $320




This semi-rare game is highly underrated.  Shantae is a platform adventure game that features a half-genie half-girl named Shantae as she travels to defeat an evil lady pirate. The game was released in 2002 shortly after the release of the newer, more powerful Gameboy Advance.


1. Earthbound (SNES) $200




Earthbound has come to be known as one of the most legendary Japanese RPGs ever created.  The real-world setting and sense of humor make this game so popular today.  The main character Ness can even be seen in many Super Smash Bros games for various Nintendo consoles.  The lack of interest upon release led to a game that was under manufactured.  If you have this game sealed in the box, you could sell it for around $2,000!

If you are a fan of Nintendo games, subscribe to Game Over Box.  Game Over Box is a Nintendo-themed subscription box filled with items from your favorite Nintendo games including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon.


Date published: 01/06/18

Written by: Rebecca Geizura (Game Over Box)

Source (1): Game Over Box

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Meet Tema(てま) the proffesional Puyo Puyo Tetris video gamer

“I’m a First female Japanese professional gamer in Puzzle Game genre. I live in japan.
Puyopuyo(Puyo pop) is the best puzzle game for me.”

Video games have come a long way, growing up I used to passively and still do play video games nowadays as a 23-year-old games journalist and avid gamer, I have witnessed video games become a lucrative for many people especially on the internet with the rise of streaming services like Twitch and popular video streaming website YouTube a lot of people who are into gaming can make playing video games competitively a career. 

I came across a really amazing and talented Japanese Puyo Puyo Tetris professional video gamer, her name is Tema and she is the first female Japanese proffesional gamer in the Puzzle gamer genre this is groundbreaking.


“I’m a First female Japanese professional gamer in Puzzle Game genre. I live in japan.
Puyopuyo(Puyo pop) is the best puzzle game for me.”


Tema pro gamer
Picture from Twitter @Tema2424 Pro Gamer [1/6]
Tema pro gamer 2
Picture from Twitter @Tema2424 Pro Gamer [2/6]
Tema pro gamer 3
Picture from Twitter @Tema2424 Pro Gamer [3/6]
Tema pro gamer 4
Picture from Twitter @Tema2424 Pro Gamer [4/6]
Tema pro gamer 5
Picture from Twitter @Tema2424 Pro Gamer [5/6]
Tema pro gamer 6
Picture from Twitter @Tema2424 Pro Gamer [6/6]



(1) Joseph Opoku: 1. How did you become a Professional gamer for the Puyo game ?


(1) Tema2424: Stream and media appearance, winning in AnimEVO of Las Vegas, many achievements were appreciated


(2) Joseph Opoku: How popular is Puyo Puyo in Japan ?


(2) Tema2424: In Japan, Puyo Puyo is as popular as Tetris. Speaking of the most famous puzzle game in Japan, many people associate Tetris with Puyo Puyo.


(3) 3. As a professional gamer when is tournament season for Puyo ?


(3) Tema2424: There is no season. A big project like the Capcom tournament does not exist in Puyo Puyo. I will join if there is a big event


(4) Joseph Opoku:  Have you ever competed internationally?


(4) Tema2424: Last year (2017) , I participated in AnimEVO held in Las Vegas. I won with Amemiya at doubles


(5) Joseph Opoku:  What consoles do you own ?


(5) Tema2424:  WiiU、Nintendo Switch、PS4


(6) Joseph Opoku: What other video games do you play ?


(6) Tema2424: Splatoon,Legend of Zelda、Kirby、Dance Dance Revolution


(7) Joseph Opoku: How do you prepare for your gaming tournaments?


(7) Tema2424: I do what I like. And I eat what I want to eat. In the past, I was carefully preparing. For example, take caffeine, restrict my diet. But when preparing I noticed that it was going to be a pressure. After that, I try not to care about anything. lol


(8) Joseph Opoku: How long have you been doing Yoga ?


(8) Tema2424: I was doing it as a hobby since I was young. I used to learn ballet. So I am interested in stretching


(9) Joseph Opoku: Did you go to university if so what did you study ?


(9) Tema2424: I studied Japanese literature at university. At graduate school I studied science


(10) Joseph Opoku: How old are you and what team do you complete for ?


(10) Tema2424: My age is secret. I am a solo player.


(11) Joseph Opoku: Are you sponsored by any Japanese esports business?


(11) Tema2424: I have a management contract with entertainment production”SDM”


Check out her YouTube video below of her playing Puyo Puyo Tetris below:





Date published: 25/05/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Tema Japanese proffesional Puyo Puyo Player [Twitter] (2) Tema [YouTube] (3) Tema24 [Her Tumblr Blog]

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Check out the awesome Game Over Box subscription service

Nintendo are a legacy video games developer and publisher they have a plethora of amazing IP’s such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong. Game Over Box is a monthly subscription box filled with item from your favorite Nintendo games including, shirts, plush, figurines, and more. This new subscription service is only avilable for people in North America. 






Written by: Joseph Opoku

Date published: 18/05/18

Source: (1) Gameoverbox

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Meet NJT’s| Punro a very awesome competitive Tekken player from France

“Check out this awesome interview I did with New Jabes Team: Punro who is a Ling Xiaoyu Tekken eSports competitor” 

E-sports and gaming tournaments go hand, in hand and competitors are willing to work hard in order to meet their goals which is to win tournaments with their teams, the fighting game community is one of the strongest. Tekken is a Japanese video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment this 3D fighting game head of project Katsuhiro Harada has done a great job introducing this game from Japan to the Western World in particular Europe specially France. 

I got the opportunity, to interview one of the best prospects in the esports Tekken French gaming community she goes by the alias NJT | Punro she is part of the esports team New Jabes Team and she regularly trains and competes with her squad to become stronger and ascend into the world of Tekken eSports. 


(1) Joseph Opoku | : How long have you been playing Tekken. ?


(1) NJT | Punro: Since I was little my parents were always playing Tekken. ! 

My first Tekken was 3 and I instantly fell for Xiaoyu. !


(2) Joseph | Are you in school and what are your plans for a career. ?


(2) NJT| Punro : I’m not a student but I work on Illustrations at the moment, I need the time to find a proper job in art and design.


(3) Joseph Opoku | What country do you come from and what is your nationality and ethnicity. ?


(3) NJT | Punro:  :< I’m French, but I’m from Madagascar, I live in Limoges, and that’s funny because people call it Grey City which is kinda legit xD but I don’t remember Madagascar.


4. Joseph Opoku|  As an illustrator what inspired you to draw in the first place ?



(4) NJT| Punro: Most of the time I draw, when I’m feeling down, to express myself it helps getting better. 

Sometimes I read or listen to music to help. Observing nature is also a good way to express inspiration.


Joseph Opoku| (5) What anime & manga are you watching and reading at the moment ?



(5) NJT| Punro: At the moment I’m on Boruto becuase of the Naruto fangirl inside me. And if the first episodes were a little boring the last ones are better. My favourite manga is Full Metal Alchemist and the first anime was also so cool. But in terms of animation Samurai Champloo is my beloved one !


Joseph Opoku| (6) Do you aspire to be a comic book illustrator ?


(6) NJT| Punro: It was my dream to draw my own comic but Tekken is also an objective since I really wanna be a huge Tekken Player so it’s kinda difficult to deal with both lol.



Joseph Opoku|(7) How did you get involved in playing Tekken 7 competitively  


(7) NJT| Punro: It started when Tekken 5 was a thing, I saw genius and then the idea of being a Tekken player came to me. I was 12 so it was too soon for me. But now this is the chance to make it happen, so I’m trying really hard to improve with my team, and friends.


Joseph Opoku|(8) What team do you compete for and how did you join, also what is your team called and how did they come up with their team name and how did you come up with your alias ?


(8) NJT| Punro: it’s a eSports organisation called NewJabes Team. They’re mostly play Smash and Street Fighter. I participate in a little tournament at the bar, where they’re and win xD the team then they asked me to join. I got excited because I knew that one of our members ( Nasty Nas ) became part of a bigger team and it gave me motivation to improve.


Joseph Opoku|(9) Why is Ling Xiaoyu your favourite character and do you have any other favourite Tekken pro players and characters ?


(9) NJT| Punro:  I was little when i first discovered Tekken. I started with the 3 and i fell for xiaoyu because my parents though we look alike. Then i continued to play her and she became my main! I like Chloe too, because she’s kinda annoying lol i found this pretty funny. ( California Rolling people from Xiaoyu to Chloe lmao ) 

Sodam was the first pro Player i’ve ever watched and even today i’m still a huuuuge fan. I also watched a lot of Gogoy and P.Ling plays too. But in terms of gameplay Sodam is my Senpai for life lol


Joseph Opoku|(10) Apart from France what other future events will you be attending ?


(10) NJT| Punro: Actually i dont rlly know because i need to train more. I really want to be better and to be able to say ” Today i know that i can do something ” and not just watch Asim beat my goddamn ass lol


Joseph Opoku|(11) What other games do you play and what is your preferred console ?


(11) NJT| Punro: Aside of Tekken i play a lot of Osu. I’m also found of horror Games, like The Evil Within or Amnesia. I’ve always played on Playstation !




Check out NJT | Punro vs Kayane 











Date published: 10/05/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) New Jabes Team [French Tekken esports team] (2) One for all might [Instagram]  (3) New Jabes Team [Twitter] (4) NJT | Punro [Twitter]

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