FIFPlay’s FIFA 21 Leagues community voting poll which started since the release of FIFA 20 game, has received over 100,000 votes so far.
FIFA 20 fans have voted over 120,000 times for their favourite leagues hoping their favourite league could feature in the coming EA Sports FIFA soccer game. The voting list contains 100 local leagues for voting.
As an online FIFA community, FIFPlay runs this survey every year to encourage EA Sports for applying license to include the most wanted football leagues in the game that were not featured in previous versions of FIFA franchise.
FIFA 21 Leagues Vote is available at
Finnish League, United Soccer League (USL) and Brazilian League are currently the top 3 of this survey with having over 70,000 votes all together.
Here is the current top 10 leagues:
01 – Finnish League (50%, 60,442 Votes)
02 – United Soccer League (USL) (5%, 6,546 Votes)
03 – Brazilian League (Fully Licensed) (3%, 3,481 Votes)
04 – UAE League (2%, 2,870 Votes)
05 – Malaysian League (2%, 2,345 Votes)
06 – English Conference League (2%, 2,328 Votes)
07 – Czech League (2%, 2,122 Votes)
08 – Russian League (2%, 2,033 Votes)
09 – Indonesian League (1%, 1,783 Votes)
10 – Italian Lega Pro (1%, 1,461 Votes)
FIFPlay FIFA 21 Leagues Vote will be available until September 2020. FIFA fans whose favourite  league name is not available on this survey, can request their leagues to be added to be added to the list by mentioning their league names to FIFPlay Twitter account at

FIFPlay website is available at

Date published: 30/10/19Source: (1) FIFPlay

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