Today is the Day! The fast-paced top down arcade shooter game Battle Planet – Jugdement Day by Wild River Games and THREAKS is being released today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Enjoy a rough and reckless interplanetary chase with procedurally generated worlds, unlimited local coop multiplayer fun and, above all, maximum action. This is what makes Battle Planet – Judgement Day a unique feast of never-ending mayhem where no two sessions play the same.




As escaped convicts on the run, players are rushing accross randomly generated planets, encountering horders of furious aliens as well as constant waves of well armed policemen and rude militaty units. From the game’s unique top-down perspective on the rotating enviroment, players have to shoot their way through attacking aliens and raging gunfire with only mission: to survive at any cost.









battleplanet gif.gif






Date published: 17/10/19

Source: (1) Wild River 

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