The Sonic Movie Rumoured Redesign 


Yesterday, a leak was made available on the internet. The Sonic Movie that sent shockwaves to everyone’s minds for bad reasons for originally having a bad design for the main character Sonic the Hedgehog the mascot of SEGA and really fast video game character brought to the movie universe, below there is two images of Sonic the first one is Sonic running directly at a POV view and the second one is Sonic running from the left view in a way, both images are quite convincing the first one even has Jim Carrey’s Doctor Robotnik’s beard and costume with rockets and a 70mph sign and blue electricity the first image looks awesome, this could be fake on the other hand, or it could be real.

I think they look pretty legitimate and I hope it’s real, because if it is then I am happy with the redesign and I think this Sonic Movie has potential to be good.















Date published: 15/10/19

Source: (1) Tails Channel [Twitter] 

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