Become a futuristic soldier and together with your friends begin war for total domination in multiplayer co-op, 2D shooter game.

Huge arsenal allows you to find your favourite killing weapon from between more than 20 different ones. Including pistols, shotguns, rifles, grenades and many, many more. Use them to destroy your opponents in 2 different game modes!

Three different hero classes and dedicated special abilities will help you to take advantage in Warfield! Create a complete team with your friends and begin a dynamic clash on 3 different maps against other teams.

Play against opponents at a similar level to be sure that every game will be a challenge. Level up and achieve badges on the way to the top.

Game features:

  1. Up to 6 players online!
  2. 3 various hero classes
  3. 20 unique weapons
  4. 3 challenging maps
  5. 2 different game modes
  6. 126 different levels
  7. Dynamic gameplay
  8. Co-op play with your friends





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[ To download this game search Warfield, the game is called Warfield: modern combat on the App store or Google Play Store ]


Date published: 21/09/19

Source: (1)  Codematic Systems Ltd

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