Story, Writer and Creative Director: Botha Enslin
Lead Developer and Designer: Gustav van Rooyen
Sound Designer: Wouter Mare
Composer: Pieter Smal
Business Manager: Jacques du Plessis
September 2019, GP, South Africa – Givit Game Studios next adventure that was announced in March of this year, Into Eternity, is being delayed to September 2020.

After a long six months of development, we have decided to delay our game Into Eternity. The game got bigger in scope and we would like to deliver a game to our community that we can be proud of.

Here is just a small update for what we have been up to:

We created the first scene for the game where our main character, Liza, is in her apartment getting ready for her friend, Greg, to pick her up to go to a trance party on an island. We have built the entire apartment and you can interact with every item in the apartment.

The island where you are stranded is still going to be 4km x 4km (2.4miles x 2.4miles) where you can go where ever you want. Interact and

pick up anything you want. Read letters from previously stranded people. You choose your own path and solve puzzles any way you like. The game will remember your decisions, when the game is finished you can play it over and over again to get different results in the storyline.

We have also cast the voice overs artist for our game and they will announced later on. With the same music composer from our previous game, The Adventures of Sam Carlisle: The Hunt for the Lost Treasure, Pieter Smal have joined the Givit Games team create a more dynamic but beautiful sound track. Botha Enslin returns as the writer and creative director with our new sound designer, Wouter Mare.

We are currently busy with the final draft of the storyline and will be announced with cast.

We really can’t wait for the community to play our game. See you soon.




Date published: 09/09/19

Source: (1) Givit for Into Eternity

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