They will be the beginning of a new adventure for Avance Discos, Spanish video game publisher and distributor, which premieres its own special editions in physical format.



In Avance Discos we continue growing and betting on the publication of indie videogames in physical format. That’s why we are pleased to announce our Special Edition of indie games that will include a multitude of extra materials from each of the games we plan to release in the coming months. 

Our first Special Editions will be released in November with two games: Furwind by Jandusoft SL, developers we’ve already worked with at Caveman Warriors; and Coffee Crisis by Mega Cat Studios.The price of the Special Editions of Avance will be 39.99 € and its extra contents will include the Soundtrack, poster, pins and other materials.  Below you will find all the details about the games and platforms in which they will be available, the languages in which they will be released and the date on which they will be released. 

Furwind: Special Edition

Developer: JanduSoft SL

Genre: Metroidvania, Plataforms, Adeventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Language Spanish and English

Launch date: 25th November 2019

Price: 39,99 €

Furwind is a colorful, pixel art style, action-platformer game that evokes the challeging classics of the old days. Developed by JanduSoft SL, invites us to embark on an epic adventure in which a small fox has to fight to prevent the world around him ends in darkness. 

After the old war between the Ancestors and Darhûn’s imprisonment, the lands of Moontail have remained at peace for generations, but evil has been freed from its captivity and has set out to bring madness to every corner of the world. The only one who can prevent evil from prevailing over good is Furwind, a young Moontail inhabitant who will soon experience his greatest and most dangerous adventure.



  • PUT YOURSELF IN FURWIND ́S SKIN: Guide a little fox in his adventure to defeat the big evil forces that is devastating the Forest. Move yourself by the dangerous areas, fulled with traps and risks wich will challenge your skills.
  • EXPLORE EVERY CORNER OF THE FOREST: Complete the different episodes, exploring levels full of life and
  • USE YOUR POWERS: The ancestors have blessed you to reach the most inaccessible places, heal your wounds and fire up your enemies.
  • IMPROVE YOU ABILITIES: In Korvo’s Mystic Shop you will be able to improve your power-ups and abilities
  • ENJOY AN AWESOME OST: Live this adventure with an surrounding and inspiring OST with ambiental and atmosferics sound effects that reveal an environment full of life.


  • Tear off fistfuls of alien meat in Neo Rogue Brawler action!
  • Encounter random modifiers that could make you an invincible killing machine or summon a swarm of raging possessed cowgirls! You’ll never experience the same cup of cosmic coffee carnage twice!
  • Jam out with a pal in Local Co-Op Play!
  • Bang your head to an incendiary heavy metal soundtrack!
  • Meet heavy metal bands Pyschostick, Lords of the Trident, Nile, and Terrorizer!
  • Already averted the crisis? Come back for more in Death Metal Mode, where the difficulty is cranked to 11!

Coffee Crisis: Special Edition includes: Game, Instruction Manual, Personalised joystick grips, alien pin and Physical Soundtrack

Furwind: Special Edition includes: Game, Compendium, 2 pins, Poster and Physical Soundtrack. 

Coffee Crisis: Special Edition 

Developer: Mega Cat Studios

Genre: Beat’em Up

Platforms: Nintendo Switch y PlayStation 4

Language: English

Launch date: 29th November 2019

Price: 39,99 € 

Coffee Crisis is a classic beat’em up Coffee Crisis that puts you in the skin of the the only baristas on Earth with enough Heavy Metal in their veins to face an alien invasion. Play alone or join a friend to fight in eight unique scenarios that range from the headquarters of the Coffee House to the confines of outer space.

The Smurglian race has descended to Earth and they won’t leave until they can steal the Heavy Metal, the free Wifi and coffee. Face you an army of wild aliens and human brainwashed! To win this battle you’ll have a variety of weapons, special moves, suplex and coffee, a lot, a lot of coffee. Coffee Crisis is a whole cup of arcade action you can’t miss.





Date published: 08/09/19

Source: (1) Avance Discos

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