The Joker final trailer is here and it is phenomenal

In this new generation of superhero movies being at the full front of entertainment, it is refreshing to see a movie based on the clown prince of crime. Todd Philips will be directing the first ever standalone movie for the famous supervillain; this movie is the first of its kind and as a veteran superhero aficionado The Joker is a iconic enemy of The Batman but this movie starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The Joker is a complicated character and this movie will explore his backstory and elements of his life and character but this movie is not a direct adaption from a Joker comic book, essentially this movie is not a origin movie but standalone movie and I think that’s very interesting, it’s almost similar to Gotham the TV series how it’s a prequel series to the origins of Gotham and it’s iconic characters.



The Joker is arguably the best comic book villain of all time, he is maniacal, manipulative and cunning this movie will be a great insight into his backstory and a different perspective on his backstory, this movie to me already looks like a gamechanger and could potentially win awards it looks like it will delve into the psychological aspects of The Joker, check out the trailer above.



Date published: 29/08/19

Source: (1) Warner Bros Pictures [YouTube]

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