Sonic as a fighting game might seem far-fetched, since Sonic is a platform game but twitter user _ OriginofStorms is the lead game developer of a new Sonic the Hedgehog arcade style street fighter fighting game with 2D animation and 3D graphics. This upcoming project is a ambitious look at what a next generation Sonic fighting game could be like, this game features the classic Green Hill Zone as the stage and Sonic fighting a mecha character which is totally badass and accurate since Dr Eggman uses robots and mechas as his henchman.

Even though this is most, likely going to be a mod, SEGA should consider this to be canon, essentially an official sonic game, there was a older sonic fighting game called “Sonic the Fighters” which was different from this one.

A sonic fighting game, could be the next party game similar to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and I think would be a great idea as a concept and finalised game, check out the videos and follow the original creator’s Twitter to stay updated with this awesome project. 

Check out the videos of this awesome sonic fighting game





Date published: 29/08/19

Source: (1) _OriginofStorms

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