R.I.P Desmond Amofaoh gone but never, forgotten 

Discovering Etika’s YouTube channel was a refreshing experience, I discovered his channel because of the Bitcoin boom in 2018 when every advertisement was about the infamous cryptocurrency, I was amazed at Etika’s energy and constant positive vibes and charismatic attitude and personality he was a great YouTuber who was part of the Nintendo gaming community and was a gamer who played a variety of titles such as: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Sonic Adventure 2, Xeno Blade Chronicles 2 and many more.

Etika would often stream on YouTube and went to gaming and anime conventions such as New York Comicon he was a loved member of the gaming community on YouTube and in my eyes a “Legendary YouTuber”.

Not only was he a gamer but a variety streamer he would often give the fan base he called “The Joycon Boyz” life advice on how to succeed in life and overall was an amazing entertainer and human being, he did suffer from mental illness and it wasn’t treated, he was bi-polar, depression and others but we still need to advocate for mental illness and not be ashamed to speak out on this issue.

Desmond  Daniel Amofah was an entrepreneur, battle rapper, gamer, streamer, entertainer and I miss this man from New York he was the best Rest in Peace King and it’s unfortunate that he decided to end his life he had so much untapped potential, gone but never forgotten.







Date published: 02/07/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) ARORA [YouTube]  (2) HACTOS 

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