Brace yourself My Hero Academia season 4 is coming out in full force

Toho animation have officially, released the My Hero Academia season 4 promotional video, season four will air October 12th 2019, there is also a promotinoal poster for this upcoming season.  additionally, the official website for the series announced that Shinichiro Miki will be doing the voice of Sir. Nighteye in the upcoming season.

Kenji Nagasaki will be taking over the role of chief director. He was previously a director for seasons one, two and three of My Hero, as well as the director for Two Heroes, and the upcoming untitled movie.

Hitomi Odashima will be taking on the chief animation director role alone this time, after being supported by Takahiro Komori previously.

Check out the My Hero Academia latest media below:









Date published: 16/06/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

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