Tokyo Shinobi Squad (2019)

Main Characters: Jin Narumi , En, Papillion and others 

Staff: Yūki Tanaka Kento Matsuura

Where to read: Read Tokyo Shinobi Squad [Shueisha]

Review: One of the newest, manga’s to be distributed we move, Tokyo Shinobi Squad, this manga is the depiction of a cyberpunk Japanese era in a near dystopian future, this manga is written by Yuki Tanaka and illustrated by Kento Matsuura the themes are quite realistic and despondent they feature Japanese imperialism, Japanese Nationalism, Globalization, Xenophobia and Paternalistic themes. The manga’s plot is justice Jin Narumi and his clan and associates want to bring the corrupted Japan, Tokyo that has been too globalized from outsiders and crime back to its greatness era, by elimainting the enemies, villains and criminal syndicates.

The art style is reminiscent  of most modern shonen and seinen, such as Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Hunter X Hunter (2011), Tokyo Ghoul. D-Gray Man and Bleach. A lot of the anime and manga community have compared Jin Narumi’s look to Uzumaki Naruto and also since they are both shinobi with blonde hair and orange & black clothing I can see why people would compare Naruto Uzumaki and Jin Narumi they are both similar in terms of their resolve to be heroic leaders for their clans this is one of the main reasons if you’re into shonen battle anime this is the manga for you.

The story alone is good but the action scenes on the panels of the manga is badass, the art style, is similar to Ghost in the Shell, we are living in the cyberpunk era, this manga gets straight to the point in terms of action panels, they are pretty graphic this manga is definitely a shonen with a seinen plot and art style the shading and inking is great, this is a superhero, cyberpunk era with a twist of the Japanese sub-culture of Shinobi’s from the future.

Despite the dark themes, this manga has a justice theme with shonen vibes Jin Narumi the main character is a shinobi who is determined to save the corrupt world that, the globalised Tokyo, Japan has become. This anime has an awesome power structure known as Ninpo and the main character Jin Narumi has magnetism type powers like metal and he can use it, it many ways. Jin Narumi is also accompanies by En who is another main character who wants to be a part of a squad for a particular reason he is a good partner and hard worker, last but not least Papillion is another member of Jin Narumi’s squad who is a trusted member and great friend to both Jin Narumi and En.

Tokyo, 2049… Thanks to the Galapagos Reform enacted by the government, Russia, China, America and Japan are now connected by a Hyper Loop system. This globalization has turned Tokyo into the most crime-ridden city in the world. To fight the rising crime, those who have been working in the shadows since the Sengoku period are needed… They are…the Shinobi overall, I highly reccomend this manga.




Date published: 12/06/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Mangaplus [Tokyo Shinobi Squad]

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