The depths of the sea are dark and full of terrors, and Adventurers are shining a light into this watery abyss for the first time as Black Desert SEA’s newest expansion, the Underwater Ruins, is now open for exploration. With multiple events now live to celebrate these new locations, be prepared to venture into the deep!

The Underwater Ruins expansion will offer Adventurers two new areas to explore. The first is the Protty Cave, a network of caverns that has been left unexplored, for it descends so far down that the only inhabitants are a race of mysterious, powerful, amphibian-like creatures. These formidable enemies fight so fiercely that only skilled Adventurers can lay claim to the cave’s treasures. The second location is the Sycraia Underwater Ruins, the remnants of a once-populous settlement that is now only occupied by Ancient automatons. Although numerous rare items—including the Tungrad Ring, the strongest ring in the Black Desert world—can be found by exploring the ruins, which are divided into the Upper and Abyssal zones, this ruin’s inhabitants will annihilate all but the strongest fighters. Enemies never-before-seen in the Black Desert and powerful items await those brave and strong enough to explore these areas!

As Adventurers prepare to tackle this new expansion, several items are now available that may assist them on their journeys, whether they are underwater explorations or on land. The mad scientist Marni has created Great Marni’s Stones that can now be used for research in Black Desert SEA. Those who help Marni in his research by filling up the stone can trade it in for a special accessory and a new Great Marni’s Stone to conduct more research. In addition, the team behind Black Desert SEA has prepared a gift for everyone in thanks for the continuous love that they give to the Black Desert world. As a sign of their sincerest gratitude, 53 +530% EXP scrolls will be available in exchange for only 1 Loyalty each starting on May 30. With this gift, the team hopes that their wish to help Adventurers in their explorations will be fulfilled!

Adventurers and inhabitants all throughout the lands are also preparing themselves as other events that change the face of the Black Desert world are now live. Rumors have been confirmed that bonus missions are available in areas populated with monsters and have become widespread, but this phenomenon appears to be an advantage for Adventurers as reports are coming in that these are buffing up fighters with bonus experience rewards. In addition, more sub-quests have been added in Mediah to compliment the renewal of the Main Quests that took place last week. Now, even more of Mediah’s history can be explored, and whole new journeys can be experienced in the Black Desert world.

With the new Underwater Ruins expansion and so many events celebrating the new locations, get ready to explore the abyss and all its wonder. For more information about Black Desert SEA’s newest expansion and this update, go



Date published: 29/05/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Pear Abyss for Black Dessert Online 

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