Sumo Digital and SEGA’s newest kart racing game spin-off has sky-rocketed, to the top this week in the official United Kingdom Games Chart Team Sonic Racing is number one beating the likes of: Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11. Team Sonic Racing is a breath of fresh air and a unique game since it is an all Sonic racing game. Team Sonic Racing features

Team Sonic Racing is a kart racing video game featuring single player and multiplayer modes.  After the player selects one of fifteen characters from the cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, players participate in races using sports cars on courses thematically based on locations from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Different characters fall into one of three racing classes: Speed, Technique, and Power each type has their own unique abilities and skill sets that give them both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Well-balanced handling
  • Fastest top speed
  • Defensive “Radial Burst” ability
  • Poor acceleration and defence

  • Nimble handling
  • High acceleration and steering
  • Can cut corners on rough terrain without being slowed down
  • Can attract nearby Rings

  • Good boost and defence
  • Can smash into obstacles without being slowed down and destroy barriers
  • Does not spin when damaged
  • Lowest top speed and handling
  • Can obtain more aggressive Wisps

The gameplay is viewed from a third-person perspective and the player runs over panels to get speed boosts, performs forward, backward, or sideways tricks in midair, and drifts to make sharp turns. Racers can also collect power-ups contained in Item Boxes marked with “?” from the tracks to gain temporary offensive and defensive advantages; these power-ups come in the form of fourteen different kinds of Wisps, which is a recurring power-up in the Sonic series. This kart racer is a must get for any avid Sonic fan.



Check out the full top 10 sales chart for this week below, courtesy of UKIE and GfK Chart-Track. Note this table does not include digital sales data, and so should not be considered representative of all UK game sales.

  1. Team Sonic Racing
  2. Days Gone
  3. FIFA 19
  4. Rage 2
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2
  6. The Division 2
  7. Mortal Kombat 11
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  9. Grand Theft Auto V
  10. Forza Horizon 4




Date published: 28/05/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1)    (2) Gamespot  (3) UKIE – Team Sonic Racing

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