Check out the cute pink cat inspired original cosplay 

In the world of cosplay, dressing up as a character is empowering, today I want to present a woman who goes by the alias: Lord Hoekage (thepoleninja) who is, an exceptional anime and manga aficionado who is a part of anime twitter and she posts a lot of awesome content such as Darling in the FranXX, her thoughts and opinions on anime and people in general on Twitter, this cosplayer is from America and they have some of the most passionate anime and manga fans in the west.

Her original concept cat inspired cosplay is something straight out of Nisekoi, New Game or even Fairy Tail, I hope you enjoy the images of this wonderful cosplayer, anime and manga fan and person below. Warning this is not for the easily intimidated and is for adults only, since her work is meant for men and woman who are interested in lewd cosplay.

Who’s your favourite anime pink haired female character, mine are: Mariah from Beyblade, Sakura Haruno from Naruto, Crona from Soul Eater and the list goes on, chech out the images below:



Neko girl 1
Neko ピンク 女性 1
Neko girl 2
Neko ピンク 女性 2
Neko banner 3
Neko ピンク女性3
Neko banner 4
Neko ピンク女性4
Neko Banner 5
Neko ピンク女性5
Neko banner 6
Neko ピンク女性6





Date published: 26/05/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) thepoleninja /Lord   hoekage [Twitter]

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