War of the Spark Chronicles will take place from May 23rd to July 28th and will give all MTG Arena players the opportunity to play five key Magic moments, each with a specific game format. Winning, they will unlock wonderful stained glass card styles from the War of the Spark Planeswalkers deck , while the others will be available in the game store. For all fans and followers of the Magic saga and story, all Planeswalker cards will have additional stories and backgrounds.

Watch the video presentation of War of the Spark Chronicles here. 

Check out the stained glass versions of the Planeswalker cards here. 



Below are all the details of the War of the Spark Chronicles event broken down by week with all the dates, event names and game formats used.

Week 1
May 23-May 31
Event Name: Part I: Ravnica in War
Format: Momir (Momir is a format that uses the avatar “Momir” that allows you to pay X and discard a card to ard a card to make random creatures with the converted mana cost of X, but only as a spell and only once per turn). Momir is also a special 96-card deck that contains 1 Planeswalker card for each type of War of the Spark.

Week 2
May 31-June 7
Event name: Part II: Zero escape route
Format: Pauper (Pauper is a format in which all the cards used must have been printed rarely in a Magic package or product. Apart from that, the usual rules of built decks will be applied)

Week 3
June 7 to June 14
Event Name: Part III: Assault the Citadel
Format: Singleton (Singleton, also known as Highlander, is a constructed variant in which each deck may contain only one copy of each card, without the basic lands)

Week 4
June 14 to June 21
Name event: Part IV: Endgame begins
Format: Counters (Counters includes an emblem that gives an extra counter + 1 / + 1 on any card that already has one on it, an extra loyalty counter on Planeswalkers and Amass 1)

Week 5
June 21 -28 June
Event name: Part V: Gideon’s Sacrifice
Format: Ravnica Block (game with the Ravnica card block)


Date published: 19/05/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: ICO Partners for Wizards of the Coast 

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