The European Tekken, scene is growing. With the global success of Katsuhiro Harada’s and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s popular 3D fighting game Tekken, this franchise has grown to become a very successful IP and esport. The competitive nature of a fighting game is a very interesting thing to witness, Bandai Namco’s Tekken World Tour is also another important aspect of the fighting game community in particular Tekken 7, today I will presenting an interview with a rising prospect hailing from Belgium, who goes by the alias BTS-_-JIN he is a Hwoarang main.

Hwoarang is a technical character, who takes a lot of practice and skill to play and master, in this interview I’ll discuss life as a esports player in Europe. 



(1) Me: When did you start playing Tekken?


(1) BTS-_-JIN: I started at the end of tt2 like in 2016


(2) Me: What was your first Tekken game and what characters did you use ?


(2) BTS-_-JIN: Tekken tag 2 hwo and Jin but I was so sad but I could get genbu over fergus 


(3) Me:  In Belgium is there a big Tekken community?  


(3) BTS-_-JIN: Not really but we do have very strong players who are about 16-20 with 0 exp offline like me


(4) Me: I’ve seen your gameplay and I think you’re a great Hwoarang how did you discover this character and learn how to use him effectively?


(4) BTS-_-JIN: I feel hwo is a character that you will never stop learning, like the majority but I’ve figured the more creative you are the more effective it will be


(5) Me: What was your first tournament and are you happy with your results ?


(5) BTS-_-JIN: It was in local like 5motnh ago , yes I took fifth


(6) Me: As a European player will you be travelling to tournaments in future ?


(6) BTS-_-JIN: Yes of course, I feel meeting new players is very fun



(7) Me: Are you looking for a sponsor ?



(7) BTS-_-JIN: Yes I am, looking for a sponser


(8) Me: What do you do in your spare time when you’re not playing Tekken Online ?


(8) BTS-_-JIN: I go to gym or hang out with friends My friends knows I play tekken and they kinda respect that I’m very fan of kpop and anime



(9) Me: Who’s your favourite Tekken esports players?


(9) BTS-_-JIN: Knee the Korean Tekken esports competitive player


(10)  Me: What other Hwoarang players do you compete with ?


(10) BTS-_-JIN: Since I can’t travel or play offline because the lack of players here I play with the highest lvl in ps4 EU hwo and Super naruku ,hawkone ,MSCMOT.




Date published: 15/05/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) BTSJin-_- [YouTube]  (2) SCORPZGCA [YouTube]

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