Paramount release the first Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer 

The upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, trailer is released today by Paramount Movies and it is, interesting and quite funny. 

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie trailer is a comedic, action and sci-fi movie, we see our hero Sonic running in first person and the full computer-generated design in motion, it looks like Sonic is being treated as the anti-hero from another planet, voiced by Ben Schwartz. We also see Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik which is a funnier version of the original character, we also see James Marden as the Tom Wachowski and Tika Sumpter, this Sonic the Hedgehog movie, doesn’t look too bad. It looks like a fun movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, I’m expecting this to be a fun ride.




Date published: 30/04/19 

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Paramount Pictures 

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