Ambitious New Expansion Set features 36 Planeswalker Cards and Cinematic Story Experience for the first time

Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Magic: The Gathering’s latest card set, War of the Spark! The culmination of two years of storytelling, this latest card set brings the conflict between Nicol Bolas, an ancient dragon bent on the domination of the Multiverse, and the Gatewatch, a group of mighty warriors able to Planeswalk between dimensions, to its head in the sprawling city world of Ravnica.

Launching on Magic: The Gathering Arena on April 25th, and physically in pre-release form on April 26th in the UK, and in Europe on April 27th, War of the Spark will introduce 36 new Planeswalker cards to the game. This high volume of unique cards will introduce a game-changing dynamic to Magic: The Gathering, intensely varying the types of decks players will be able to build moving forwards.

To ensure that players are best able to build their decks around Planeswalker cards, Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce that each booster pack of War of the Spark will be guaranteed to include a Planeswalker card.

Playing War of the Spark physically will be a great opportunity for players to explore the physical community in a friendly atmosphere, with many stores around the world offering opportunities to play War of the Spark during the pre-release this weekend. Players can use find stores running local events easily. 

Additionally, War of the Spark will be playable in Magic: The Gathering Arena the day before the physical version of the card set launches.To support players both digitally and physically, Planeswalker packs and Pre-Release packs will be redeemable in game, meaning players can take their physical pre-constructed decks and play with them in game.

You can view the full list of Magical: The Gathering War of Spark cards here 

War of the Spark launches alongside London MagicFest, the latest sponsored event for competitive play. Taking place at the London’s leading event venue Excel and offer players the opportunity to participate in a Sealed Grand Prix, with a competitive prize pool of $80,000. On top of the bragging rights from winning the tournament, the top eight from the Grand Prix London and Mythic Qualifier winners at London MagicFest will also qualify for the Mythic Championships in Barcelona, taking place July 26th to 28th, which boasts a prize pool of $500,000.

If you have any interest in covering War of the Spark, or in checking out Magic: The Gathering Arena, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  


Date published: 24/04/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) ICO Partners 

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