Today is a big day for Singularity Lab and for everyone who dreams about playing an awesome, old school arena shooter, or who wants to battle it out while racing! The brand new game, JetX, promises to be the game to satisfy everyone.  

What is JetX?

JetX is a brand new racing shooter battle arena game, where players fight against each other in zero gravity using unique sci-fi weapons or compete against each other while traveling at the speed of light in the racing mode.


One of the main features of JetX is the many different game modes, giving players the freedom to play the game in the way that they find most enjoyable. Whether they simply want to race, take part in an arena shooter, fight against PvE bosses, or take on all of the challenges at once, the choice is theirs to make!

If you have already heard of JetX, it is time for you to immerse yourself in the world of cosmic speed and battles, pumped full of adrenaline, and learn why we gave the game long descriptive titles such as “racing shooter battle arena in zero gravity”.


What are the main key features of JetX?

  • Various game modes, from classic deathmatch to the unique endless-race, and boss fights

  • Full freedom of movement in zero gravity

  • High level of old-school competitivity

  • Live leaderboard

  • AI that isn’t to be underestimated! An exciting game is guaranteed, even when playing offline

  • Wide choice of weapons for all types of players

  • Numerous diverse maps for racing and PvP

  • Play solo or with friends!


  • If you love high-speed racing, competition, and adrenaline-fueled challenges, JetX is for you! Our beta players were always satisfied with the game – a variety of arenas and tracks that allow you to drive at full speed awaits you! – says Damir Saifullin Singularity Labs CEO.


JetX is highly competitive and favours pure player skill over pay-to-win tactics. The game offers players a new and unique experience that fuses the old-school hard-to-master games with the more modern easy-to-start games.


Try JetX PC now: 


Date published: 13/04/19 

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Fibrum

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