Rise of Ages is a game that brings style concepts already familiarized by the public but comes with a rich history on the development of humanity, throughout the game you will be able to evolve your civilization following what is told in the history books with some fiction to get more attention from the players. This will be observed in the quests, scenario, and characters. Learn the human story by playing the game.’




Rise of Ages is a sandbox game that lets you explore, build, found cities, make wars and evolve technologies to reach the highest level of civilization and then travel to other planets! The game begins in prehistory and advances through ages, as the player evolves. In each era, the player will live a unique story, which will lead him to face dangerous dungeons and powerful enemies. Several building blocks and items will allow the player to create their own culture with unique structures.


Date published: 19/02/19 

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Anguis Studio

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