TOKYO GHOUL fans get ready! Nishiki Nishio, the S-rank ghoul nicknamed “Serpent;” Shu Tsukiyama, the infamous ghoul known as “Gourmet;” and Touka Kirishima, the ghoul who manages the ‘:re” coffee shop, are the newest characters set to join the battle for survival in TOKYO GHOUL:re CALL to EXISTthe upcoming action game based on the popular anime series.
TOKYO GHOUL:re CALL to EXIST will unite characters from across the franchise, including TOKYO GHOULTOKYO GHOUL √A and TOKYO GHOUL:re in the fight for survival as either a Ghoul or Investigator. Players can choose their sides and challenge friends in gruesome battles to the death when the game launches for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and PCs via STEAM® in 2019.




Date published: 25/01/19

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Bandai Namco Entertainment 

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