Sonic Mania Adventures Christmas special is out now

Calling all Sonic fans! Get ready to celebrate the holidays with a brand-new installment of Sonic Mania Adventures. Sonic and Friends are back, and with the help of an old friend, they’re bringing the holiday cheer to your screen today. Fans can tune-in to watch the new short, “Sonic Mania Adventures: Holiday Episode” right 


In today’s installment, Metal Sonic and Doctor Eggman crash into the jungle after being defeated by Sonic and friends. Feeling broken and abandoned, as seasons turn cold, a surprise appearance may change Metal Sonic’s fate forever!
SEGA is excited to share this bonus holiday short of Sonic Mania Adventures with all the Blue Blur’s fans to celebrate the spirit of giving, and the kindness that can warm even the coldest of hearts.
Wondering how we got here? Make sure to check out the complete cut that includes all five episodes of Sonic Mania Adventures from start to finish:


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Date published: 20/12/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

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