Final Fantasy XV Commrades on XBOX ONE issues have been resolved




Katsuhiro Harada is now the leader and supervisor of the BANDAI NAMCO Fighting Game eSports Strategy team today

Mustafa Bulut the stunt double for Brenton Thwaites’s Robin demo reel 2018



Spider-Gwen Cosplay by Alanah Pearce

Gamer, Voice actress and YouTuber Alanah Pearce is cosplaying Spider-Gwen



EL SHADDOLL CONSTRUCT (Yu-Gi-Oh!) by Japanese Artist hikami





Samurai 8 Manga – Masashi Kishimoto’s next project

Jump Festa 2018: Masashi Kishimoto’s new manga project

During the annual Jump Festa, the livestream announed a lot of news such as Kishimoto sensei’s new manga project called Samurai 8






Date published: 23/12/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Shonenjumpofficial [YouTube]   (2) Shonen Jump [Twitter]

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