The manga artist who created My Hero Academia is into sneakers (trainers, shoes) and Viz Media gave him these awesome custom-made Nike sneakers.

Kohei Horikoshi the man, the myth the legend behind the succesful manga and anime My Hero Academia visited Viz Media in San Diego for his birthday and they gifted him with a pair of amazing sneakers. The video is pretty much an interview between a Viz employee and Kohei Horikoshi the interview was mainly about shoes and what type of shoes he likes the best and how his style in shoes influences his art style when designing the shoes for some of the characters in My Hero Academia, apparently Kohei Horikoshi uses fasion magazines for inspiration on his character’s shoe design and his favourite shoe to draw is the iconic red trainers that the main character Izuki Midoriya wears up to when he gets a new costume upgrade.

Check out the intreview below:




Date published: 22/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1)  From: Viz Media 

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