Studio Pierrot has been uploading some great posts on to their official Twitter and below is one of them.

It has been rumoured, by the anime online community that Bleach the manga created by mangaka Tite Kubo and animated by studio pierrot could be making a return. A lot fans are demanding that the anime should come back and they should studio pierrot should finish the Bleach manga adaption because it means so much to the fans and to see such an amazing anime not finished properly is a disappointment and Ichigo has a lot of epic moments and so do the other characters in the Quincy Blood War arc, I myself used to really be into Bleach I watched the entire series and read the manga so I would be excited and so fulfilled if Studio pierrot would announce a Bleach anime comeback at the annual Jump Festa which is a celebration of manga and anime in Japan. 

Also The third step is “BLEACH”!! 2019 this is from the official tweet so they are hinting that Bleach could be back next year, what are your thoughts ?









Date published: 15/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) studiopierrot [Twitter]

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