Cosplay interview with @sschloe

How are you doing, everybody I hope you’re good, I got the opportunity to interview one of the coolest cosplayers from the United Kingdom, she is a talented costume player and fellow Yu-Gi-Oh duelist she is a true aficionado of Geek popular culture and it was an honour to interview her check out the full coverage below:



  1. Joseph: So what events are you looking forward to in 2018


  1. sschloe: The events I’m looking forward to most in 2018 is Amecon, an anime convention which takes place at Warwick university. And Tokonatsu, which is a Japanese Culture Camping Festival.


2.  Joseph Opoku: what got you into cosplay in the first place ?


2. sschloe: I’d always enjoyed seeing all the different cosplayers when I went to conventions. Then one year I just decided to do it too. My first cosplay was Yuki from Vampire Knight.


3. What’s your signa






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