Prague, November 11th – LostHero public alpha strikes hard, with casualties reaching into the thousands. Body count rising each day.

Lost Hero is a ambitous project by game developer Goldnight, based in Prague Czech Republic for the 64 GB PC gamers out there, with a early access price of $19.99 and regular price of $29.99. 


Lost Hero is a hardcore dark fantasy action RPG with a sci-fi twist. As an outcast hero, a mercenary of a secret order, you will be fighting against the dark forces of chaos and destruction in the world struggled by ethernal war between the races. Only you can decide which side will get the power. Play alone or in 2 – 4 player coop. Travel the dark world, destroy your enemies in a skill-based action combat and collect resources to craft and improve your arsenal. Level up your hero to withstand the toughest boss fights.


The game history comes back to 2002. First version of Lost Hero started as a classic dungeon crawler game. Oldschool gameplay and retro look haven’t raised much of attention, so later on the original idea was changed completely. Lost Hero turned into a medieval multiplayer arena fighting game. First prototypes of the second concept revealed a high risk of failture in case the community won’t be engaged enough to keep the arenas running all the time. In 2015 the concept has finally changed to hardcore action soulslike RPG with 4 players coop.


  • 2 – 4 player coop
  • Hardcore gameplay
  • Dynamic action fighting system based on players skill
  • Roguelike level system where you have to finish the level in single run through
  • Semi-linear level structure with secrets, hidden treasures and shortcuts
  • Proceduraly generated enemies of four races, deadly bosses

“The recently released Public Alpha of the hardcore action RPG, LostHero, has been smashing all cherished institutions like no game before,” reports a T’grank informer with connections to the game. “We’re loving it. Instead of players smashing dozens of enemies with a single sword swing, they’re finding LostHero hopelessly difficult, dying left and right as they try to reach the end of the level. It’s glorious.”




The informer reports that the difficulty levels in LostHero are creating multiple hardships for players, but that the game itself has kept them foolishly coming back for more. The non-stop slaughter would appear to be an addiction, though independent sources confirm that’s likely not the case. The game is simply fun to play.




“We’ve been watching this very closely,” says the T’grank informer, “and our statistics don’t lie. We show that it takes more than 50 tries to reach the end, and this is just the beginning! Imagine the misery and chaos that will come with the Early Access release planned for December. And, God help these miserable players, imagine the final release!”

The informer, unofficial representative of the T’grank, went on to suggest someone, anyone, must step in to stop the madness before their cemeteries overflow with bodies. According to the informer these so-called LostHeroes are in control of the power of reincarnation, so no real damage is done to their souls, but the smell of the bodies has become overwhelming. “Who could withstand anything like it?” he was heard to lament.

After almost three years of development, GoldKnights studio has started a Public Alpha of LostHero – a hardcore souls-like RPG with a sci-fi twist and co-op mode for up to 4 players. The Alpha is free to play to anybody who subscribes. Players can register and subscribe at the official LostHero site.


In case you are interested in becoming a fodder for this brutal campaign, please visit to learn more. There you can also find a complete presskit with all the necessary resources.


Let us know if you need anything else and hit us with an e-mail if you’d like to check out our Early Access prior its launch – we’ll put you on our preview list. Also note that our currently available Alpha build will be undergoing huge improvements in upcomming week or two.

PS: December Early Access is coming and our goal is to attract as many players as possible to the free Public Alpha prior to that date. It is available now, and ends before the Early Access launch. We appreciate any line you can drop about us and our Alpha program. We’re also looking for media coverage for the December release.

ABOUT LOSTHERO: LostHero is about an outcast hero, a mercenary of a secret order, who fights against the dark forces of chaos in a world fractured by eternal war. Three dominant races set the stage for his journey. The game can be played alone or in 2-4 player co-op mode. Traveling the dark worlds, players destroy their enemies in a complex skill-based action combat system, collecting resources along the way to craft and improve their arsenal. The more deadly players become, the more successful they will be. And the longer they will survive.

 ABOUT GOLDKNIGHTS: LostHero is developed by GoldKnights. Founded in 2015, we are a small indie studio of 10-20 people situated in Prague, Czech Republic. LostHero is our first comercial title, although majority of team members has a previous game development experience, especially RPGs, dungeons and adventures. Some of us also have a background in medieval swordfighting techniques, which we use to give the fighting system more realistic look and feel.


Date published: 09/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) PR 

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