R.I.P Condolences

Anime and Manga voice acors and people in the indusry in Japan go through so much when planning and organising the production for the major releases, in terms of recruting and planning and voice acting, as an avid anime and manga viewer and manga reader I want to support the anime industry better and engage with the fellow anime fans in the world, I am not perfect but I know when to stop and be a man, rest in peace to Tetsuo Gotō a wonderful and talented man who was incredible his voice talent was amazing he was well known for working on Gowasu (Dragon Ball Super), Hannyabal (One Piece), and much more. You will be missed. 

                                                   Respect Sir, may you rest well.





Date published: 09/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Toei Animation [Twitter]

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