Josh Hart & gamer xChocoBars join IGN Plays Live: Streamer Showdown this Thursday




Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard, Josh Hart is the latest star to take on fan challenges in the gaming phenomenon Fortnite – as part of a six week series IGN Plays Live: Streamer Showdown presented by Kellogg’s Wild Berry Froot Loops.
Hart – who earlier this year proclaimed himself “the best Fortnite player in the NBA” will join popular streamer xChocoBars and IGN host Sydnee Goodman this Thursday for a live 90-minute stream as they put their Fortnite skills to the test in a series of fan voted challenges.

The action begins online at 4PM PST and will be available to gamers no matter what device or platform they use. IGN Plays Live: Streamer Showdown is available across more than 20 platforms including, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Mixer, Twitch, as well as IGN’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, and OTT apps on Apple TV, and Sony PlayStation 4.
IGN Plays Live: Streamer Showdown runs every Thursday until December 6. In its first week, streaming stars Angelskimi ( and Fuslie ( from JustFriends joined Sydnee.  The next four installments will also feature big names from sports, streaming, and popular culture..
IGN – the world leader in games and entertainment media, has covered Fortnite from its first teaser announcement way back in 2011.  From Fortnite’s highly anticipated launch in 2017 IGN has dedicated hundreds of articles and thousands of hours of video content to helping gamers hone their in-game skills and become better Fortnite players – with tips from IGN’s experts and many of the biggest names in Fortnite – including Ninja.
Continuing IGN’s partnership with Kellogg’s Wild Berry Froot Loops – the program is also streaming a live Fortnite Tonte show weekly on Tuesdays. Hosted by Fran Mirabella III and Steven Ryu –  the show digests and discusses all the biggest news from the last seven days in Fortnite, and has gamer-generated clips and Wild Moments from the game, as well as expert guidance from IGN’s editors.


Date published: 08/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) IGN Entertainment for Fortnite 

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