Hajime Tabata has left Square Enix

According to Eurogamer  Square Enix has given a statement, about the Luminous Productions his own division. Check out the full statement below:

“Hajime Tabata resigned from his role as the director of Final Fantasy 15, at the same time he left Luminous Productions and has no further relations with Square Enix or Luminous Productions,” it reads. “We are told that he left for personal reasons. It is with regret to see the departure of such a talented member of staff who applied themselves on Final Fantasy 15 and many other memorable titles. We wish him every success for the future and will continue to cheer him on.”

“As to the future of Luminous Productions, the studio was established with the goal to create a new IP, so we are continuing to develop our new title.”


ORIGINAL STORY: Hajime Tabata, the man who brought Square Enix’s troubled Final Fantasy 15 project home, has quit the company, with a majority of planned DLC for the game now cancelled.

The news comes in the immediate wake of Square Enix posting notice of an ‘extraordinary loss’ of 3,733 million yen – just over 25 million GBP – with Luminous Productions, Tabata’s recently formed studio, cited in the statement. Bizarrely, Square Enix made the announcement of Tabata’s departure and the cancellation of DLC as part of a special livestream, a continuation of a series it’s used to keep in touch with fans throughout the latter part of Final Fantasy 15’s development.









Date published: 08/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Eurogamer [Final Fantasy XV]

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