2B was the latest guest character to be revealed for Soul Calibur VI


Yoko Taro the game director for Nier Automata and Yosuke the game producer and Keiichi Okabethe video game music composer and many other staff working for Square Enix and Platnium Games for Nier Automata partciplated in a special announcment live stream by Dengeki the live stream is 2 hours long showcasing 2B in a mirror match with her normal costume and her inverted alternate outfit, since this is the first time we are witnessing 2B in a 3D fighting game perspective this is very interesting, 2B is the perfect character for combat.

YoRHA No.2 Type B is a YoHRA android created to battle the machine life forms but in this game her rival Isabelle Valentine also known as Ivy, the illegimate daugter of Cervantes Servantes , Ivy was raised by a noble family until she was adopted due to her father being obsessed with the infmaous Soul Edge.



2B DLC 12B DLC 22B DLC 32B DLC 42B DLC 52B DLC 62B DLC 122B DLC 132B DLC 14






Date published: 08/11/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Square Enix Yoko Taro  (2) 電撃オンライン [YouTube]

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