Check out the Japanese version of Sumo Monkey  Sumo ‘s monkey just passed Dr. Walter’ s portal! 

November 04, 2018 – On this day, Camex Games will announce the launch of a new monster and a new e-sports tournament! 


Check out the awesome trailer

In winter it is cold and cold, “Japanese Macaques” is known to withstand the lowest temperatures. One of his secrets? Relax in hot hot springs and let’s heat your everyday life! Welcome … … 
“Monkey is a Japanese sumo player!” 

No one knew that monkeys became the first yukata of the snow monkeys (sumo player). 

Dr. Walter ‘s portal diverted him from Japan just as he was trying to kick the opponent out of the ring. His dream has faded like that. On the other side, even if defeat brings great pleasure, you can not forget hot pot and hot pot. 

A monkey watching a monkey’s artistic creation video

hits the ground, damages the enemies around him and pushes it around. Sumo can also hit enemy’s head with huge hands! 



Date published: 04/10/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Camex Games 

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