Super Cats, a cat-centric multiplayer action shooter developed by Happy Universe and a small army of felines, arrives on the iOS App Store and Google Play on November the 8th 2018.

Face-off against the fuzzy competition in Bounty mode: 3 vs. 3 combat on a randomized map. For a different challenge, try Gemcraft mode, where quick-footed cats rush to grab more gems than their competitors. Not chaotic enough? Then take the Battle Royale mode for a spin and try to be the last cat standing. But be careful: nobody has nine lives in this free-for-all. One loss is all it takes.

But catfights are only half the fun! Each of the 17 unlockable characters has their own unlockable weapons, attack forms and skills. Rank up to earn new weapon types with different effects and damage to find new strategies. Unlock loads of additional skins, many of which pay homage to pop culture characters and decide who gets to be the prettiest kitty on the block.

Super Cats utilizes a control scheme that makes jumping, shooting, defending and evading a breeze, while also offering more precise aiming controls for experienced players. Parents, kids, and everybody in-between can get in on the fun (and fluff) right away.
“We’re all cat lovers here at Happy Universe. So much so that we wanted to put our community cats into a game and give them superpowers,” said Martin Ma, Founder of Happy Universe. “Now we’ve created family-friendly action game starring a bunch of adorable felines!”

Super Cats will be free-to-play on Google Play and the iOS App Store, and will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, and German. The game will feature in-app purchases for new skins and weapons, all of which can be earned through play.

Learn more by checking out the official website, or by following Super Cats on FacebookDiscord and Reddit.



Date published: 15/10/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1)  Happy Universe via the [Gamespress]

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