Freakout Games an independent game studio has released ‘Solbot Energy Rush’ which was scheduled to be released on July 14th for the Apple iOS App store and Google Play store, this game is a 2D simulator game where you pilot a solbot robor and pilot it through space in order to collect power core orbs, this game requires the player to maneuver left and right.



Check out the trailer for Solobot Energy Rush 



Check out the slideshow of the in-game screenshots


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Check out the main features for Solbot Energy Rush:

  1. The Robot’s suit color keeps changing with levels.
  2. The player has to collect same color orbs matching to Robots suit color.
  3.  It’s targeted to audience who are more into casual games.
  4. Multiple power-ups and 50 exciting levels.


Check out the screenshots from the game


Vijesh.V the game director for Freakout Games

Freakout Games


Game Website:  Solbot Website

Playstore : Android

Appstore : iOS

The Game Developer Studio Freakoutgames


Date published: 14/10/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

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