PlayStation 5 is legitimate, and it is breaking news all over the internet


The Sony Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro Yoshida has confirmed that the next generation PlayStation console is currently in development he said and I quote from the Financial Times “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware”. Kenchirio Yoshida wouldn’t inform us, on what the official name of this new and upcoming console is or the type of hardware but, I can assume it could possibly be the PlayStation 5.

The FT reports that its sources have said that the upcoming console “might not represent a major departure from the PS4, and that the fundamental architecture would be similar.

Following the success of Nintendo’s hybrid Switch, and the announcement for the upcoming Microsoft’s Project xCloud – aiming to allow players to run games on any internet-enabled device – there has been speculation about whether Sony would take similar approaches to one or both, of their newly announced developments.

Overall this is, exciting news for gaming enthusiasts, all three major corporations working on the future of home video game entertainment, the Microsoft Project xCloud will make gaming easily accessible to more than one device. additionally Nintendo who recently announced they have a new version of the Switch in development and the untitled successor to the  PlayStation 4 now confirmed we will most likely have to wait 5-10 years for a release date but we will most likely see news reports, updates and more information in the near future, for the ninth generation of gaming.



Date published: 09/10/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Financial Times [PlayStation 5]  (2)  IGN  [Sony PlayStation 5]     (3) Polygon [Sony PlayStation 5] 

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