The German edition of Valkyria 4 Chronicles is out now for Germany 

ATLUS announces the release of  Valkyria Chronicles 4 . The game is now available for PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch ™ and the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X. 
The trailer on YouTube: 


Those who pre-order the “Memoirs-from-Battle” premium edition get instant access to the Valkyria Chronicles crossover add-on “A United Front with Squad 7” and “Edy’s Advance Ops” missions. Owners of the Launch / Standard Edition of the game will be able to purchase these missions later as DLC Content. An overview of it can be found here:

Add-on item Price Release date
Tank Decals Free 25/9/18
Squad E, to the beach! € 6.99 10/9/18
A captainless squad € 4.99 
Included with digital pre-order
9/25/18 for digital pre-orders
Expert Level Skirmishes € 4.99 11/4/18
The Two Valkyria € 4.99 20/11/18
Edy’s Advance Ops
€ 3.99 
Code included with ‘Memoirs from Battle’ Premium Edition
25/09/18 or as code in the ‘Memoirs from Battle’ Premium Edition
A United Front with Squad 7
€ 5.99 
Code included with ‘Memoirs from Battle’ Premium Edition
25/09/18 or as code ‘Memoirs from Battle’ Premium Edition

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Features: 
•        An Enthralling Story – Valkyria Chronicles 4 plays during the same period as the first Valkyria Chronicles , but focuses on a new set of characters. Players take control of Commander Claude Wallace, engineer Riley Miller, Darcsen Raz, Sniper Kai Schools and many more. 
•        The new “BLiTZ” Battle System – The new combat system consists of turn-based strategy, RPG and real-time 3rd person shooter. In addition, there are some new units such as the Grenadier. 
•        CANVAS engine– The typical graphic style of the series is taken to a new level with the CANVAS engine. 
•        The return of the legendary composer – Hitoshi Sakimoto, who composed the original Chronicles Series theme – returns for Valkyria Chronicles 4with his orchestra. 

More information can be found at:
The game can be pre-ordered here: 



Date published: 25/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) From: Koch Media. For: Sega, Re: Valkyria Chronicles 4 via [Gamespress]

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