Nozon releases its Volumetric VR plugin PresenZ for V-Ray and 3ds Max for commercial use

Starbreeze Group company Nozon, a Visual Effects (VFX) studio based out of Belgium, today announced that its Volumetric Virtual Reality (VR) technology PresenZ is available as plugin for Chaos Group’s V-Ray Next and Autodesk 3ds Max®. 

Since 2015, PresenZ has established a quality benchmark for volumetric VR, by offering both perfect image quality, comfort and immersion, thanks to a unique approach that allows creators to pre-render movies with 6 degrees of freedom in existing 3D visualisation pipelines.  

With PresenZ, the viewer is able to move inside the image or video, get closer to objects or characters, and even look behind them, feeling like they are really there.

PresenZ can achieve the same visual fidelity audiences are used to from high-end previsualisation, feature length motion pictures or pre-rendered animations. With PresenZ, you can render the most complex scenes and highest quality assets in Virtual Reality. For example – architects can show their customers their creations in VR to scale, with the ability to move around in different scenes. Content creators of CGI movies can easily allow movie goers to further experience all or parts of their work in immersive VR with retained quality by utilizing the existing pipeline and assets. 

Starting today, anyone can download the plugin for V-Ray Next and 3DSMax as well as the PresenZ player on the website:

During the past years, Nozon has transformed this revolutionary technology into a product easy to use for content creators and audiences in close collaboration with partners and in different use cases. Latest updates include, amongst others, a new user interface, a new viewer and improved quality of the overall experience.

The plugin and the player are free for testing where renders will display a watermark. To remove the watermark, customers can choose between paying per image or buying a player license. Demo content is additionally available – all of this directly on the website. 

PresenZ plugins for other software will follow and to be announced.



Date published: 24/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) From Starbreeze via the [Gamespress]

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