Deku vs Kacchan Round 2 Fight – This is Bakugo Katsuki’s Resolve 


The number one anime of 2018 continues to blow people away, 15th of September was the date the anime community witnessed the main protagonist of My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya and the deuteragonist, Bakugo Katsuki, these two compelling well-developed characters share an intriguing dynamic. Koehi Horikoshi and Studio Bones are really unleashing the power of the Shonen Battle anime archatypes, Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo Katsuki are two sides of the same coin, during my expereince witnessing another legendary anime battle, I saw that this episode was based on Bakugo Katsuki fully deducing Deku’s quirk and the origins of how All-Might chose Izuku as his successor.

The voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto (seiyuu) for Bakugo Katsuki, showed his true passion for this role, going so far to even shout and display the raw talent of voice actors to endure a voice crack during the intense fight scene but this episode was more than just a fight, Kohei Horikoshi is a great writer to ensure the main rival’s accountability is taken into consideration in this scene, from challenging Deku to a fight, exposing Deku from realising his power was borrowed, even though Deku did tell him, and him being kidnapped by the League of villains and having to experience that traumatic kidnapping but he held his own, and was able to show his true intentions of becoming a hero by looking up to All-Might. 

Daiki Yamashita was also phenomenal, as he displayed true passion and tenacity, through his performance as a seiyuu, his voice portrayed the main character who is Deku in an epic way, Deku was the only character who knew what true despair was, he was alone, powerless and pretty much useless back in season 1 and now he has made a drastic change and improvement, he has gone Beyond, Plus Ultra, Izuku now in season 3 is developing his quirk for himself and finally decided to stop using his arms and fingers so much, emulating Toshinori Yagi but his training with Sorahiko also known as Gran Turino, a legendary retired pro-hero, former home room teacher at U.A High School and mentor to Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, Gran Torino is an extremely short, elderly man who has short spiky hair and a beard.

His hero costume consists of a full body monochrome suit along with a yellow cape, a belt with the letter “G” on it, very thick yellow gloves and boots, and a dark domino mask which resembles two diamonds, Gran Torino can shoot air from the propulsion boosters at the bottom of his feet, giving him an incredible jumping ability at great speed. 

Furthermore, the art and animation and special effects of both Deku and Bakugo for instance Deku’s neon lightning effect from his version of All for One and Bakugo’s explosive flames were so dramatic, I witnessed Bakugo throwing Deku right on some handrail and the metal handrail, and collateral damage which could be seen as vandalism, the scenes was literally like a superhero street fight and after the fight Bakugo finally vented to Deku about how he is so angry about how weak he, supposedly thinks he is and Deku was trying to help his rival to become stronger, Bakugo shrouded all that pain, regret, jealousy and resentment. 

Overall Episode 61 of Boku no Hero Academia was epic, this episode was more than just your typical fight Deku was amazing and fought back and displayed his true intentions, emotions and fight ability to his rival they both engaged in combat and words, it was phenomenal, the Japanese writers, producers, developers and distrubutors, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Bones Studio, ありがとうございました Arigatou gozaimashita.

I’m anticipating greatness from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga, and the anime adaption also the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is released for a limited time in North America dubbed from September 25th until October 2nd 2018, make sure you check out if you’re in the area at this juncture in times here.



Date published: 16/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1)  Shokubby [YouTube] (2) My Hero Academia Two Heroes [Funimation]

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