Meet Gina Loranne Graham, also known as Gina G, the 15 year old video game developer who is the founder and lead game developer for the upcoming Etika Red & Blue fan game, who with her team are in development of a new ambitous project, a story narrative, based on the popular Nintendo YouTube content creator from New York Etika.


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Gina Loranne Graham Founder of  and creator of Etika: Red and Blue. Lorrane tends to talk about animation and game development a lot. She is the founder of  and creator of Etika: Red and Blue. She tends to talk about animation and game development a lot. I got the opportunity to discuss the details, lore and information regarding this ambitous and exciting project. 


(1) Joseph Opoku: So what is your name and how did you get into video game design ?


(1) Gina G: 1. I’m  Gina Loranne Graham, and I got into video game design when I was little. I always wanted to make something I saw on the screen.


(2) Joseph Opoku: What country are you from and how old are you ?


(2) Gina G: I was born in America, my parents came from African when I was 15.


(3) Joseph Opoku: Are you in school or work ?


(3) Gina G: I’m in School


(4) Joseph Opoku: What nationality are you ?


(4) Gina G: I’m African American


(5) Joseph Opoku: How did you discover Etika ?


(5) Gina G: My brother showed him to me and I got hooked. He’s honestly kinda funny. His fanbase is horrible though. 


(6) Joseph Opoku: What is the current progress with the Etika red and blue game ?


(6) Gina G: 50% 


(7) Joseph Opoku: What software do you use to make this new game and how much will this game be ?


(7) Gina G: Ren’py and it’s Free


(8) Joseph Opoku: What type of games are you into ?


(8) Gina G: Narrative and Shooters


(9) Joseph Opoku: What future games do you and your team plan on developing in the near future?


(9) Gina G: We plan on horror games and more story based games. RPG’s as well.



(10) What can people expect from this new Etika: Red & Blue story narrative game ?


(10) Gina G: Gripping, cliffhanger enduced, heavy and dramatic, will be light hearted as well in some cases. Not too edgy for the critics and the people.


I’d like to that Gina Loranne Graham, for the opportunity to interview her, she is a awesome founder of a game development studio called Studio6seconds, her team plan to develop plan on horror games and more story based games. Role PlayingGames’ as well, this is going to be exciting.





Date published: 16/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Gina G [Official Twitter]  (2) Studio 6 Seconds

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