Jeannail Carter is an astonishing, Tekken competitive player who competes for In The Skies e-Sports Team playing Tekken 7 she is a Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovitch specialist 


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(1) Joseph Opoku:  How long have you been playing fighting games and what made you interested in the first place ?



(1) Cuddle_Core: I  have playing fighting games since I was very young. Around the age of 3.


(2) Joseph Opoku:  How did you get sponsored by ITS and what was the process like ?


(2) Cuddle_Core:  I got sponsored by ITS by being approached by the creator after she had seen me at a tournament or two in 2015-2016. I believe she sent me a message and asked if I would be interested based on the performances at tournaments she had seen me have. The process was very simple.She asked and I joined, Cuddle_Core is now a free agent or pursuing another career.



(3) Joseph Opoku:  Where are you located in North America ? 


(4) Cuddle_Core: I’m located in Chicago Illinois, In the suburbs



(5) Joseph: How did you come up with the alias Cuddlecore and does it have a meaning ?


(6) Joseph Opoku: Are you planning on competing in major fighting game tournaments such as EVO Japan and EVO 2018 in Las Vegas and Combo Breaker ?


(6) Cuddle_Core: Yes I plan on competing in a few tournaments this year including EVO 2018 in North America, combo breaker, KIT, Final Round. I graduate school may 2018 so it’ll be a little easier to go to a few more events. I’ll be able to get some more consistent tournament experience after that. School comes first of course.


(7) Joseph Opoku:  The fighting game community is mostly men as a female competitive player do you feel pressurised to win more than men ?


(8) Cuddle_Core: I don’t exactly feel more pressured by men to win more. However I, like many players have a standard. To win and to perform to our best ability. I am the most critical of myself. Though the community is mostly men, many of them are my friends and nothing but supporting when I lose or win, no pressure from them whatsoever.


(9) Joseph Opoku: 9. What type of skills does it take to be a great Tekken player do you need to learn combos, strings, frame data the match up, experience, or just have knowledge of the game ?


(9) Cuddle_Core: The advice I would give to ling and Alisa players who are trying to get noticed by a team is, don’t force yourself to get on a team. Let it be natural, let them approach you based on your skill alone,or whatever the reason they approach you. Always continue to do better because you want to be better, it helps keep the love of the game. When it becomes a matter of only getting good to be on a team , the love of the game can turn into a chore

Make sure to read the contracts that some teams have. And not jumping to the first team that offers if they don’t have what you’re looking for Advice I can give on winning tournaments, well based on what I’ve seen, it takes a great sense of mind and confidence. Having knowledge on all matchups, and being able to bring about that tournament edge when it’s time to. Being able to adapt on the spot, and adjusting when need be. It’s a progress but many people have done it.


(10) Joseph Opoku: Who are your favourite fellow competitive Tekken players ?


(11) Cuddle_Core: My favorite competitive players for tekken 7 are -weka (xiaoyu) Circa|Joey fury (Jack, Paul, gigas) ITS|Mak_nificent(Jack, drag) Vs|sperogin (Eddy,Paul) Mr naps(Bryan)

Though not all of them use my characters, I learn from their mentality when they play. Such presence of mind!


(12) What routine do you have, for competing in high level Tekken tournaments and locals in your local Tekken Scene ?


(12) Cuddlee_Core: My routine for practicing for tekken 7 and tournaments is I’ll practice character match ups for a few hours whole also practicing against other players. Players that are highly skilled in certain character matchups or are just skilled in general. (Usually I have them on speed dial)

Also to ensure that I get full maximum damage for punishing moves, I’ll set the cpu to do the punishable move while listening to the sound the cpu makes before the punish.



(13) Joseph Opoku: Do you play other games apart from Tekken 7 and fighting games ?


(13) Cuddle_Core: Other games that I have played are the resident evil series, uncharted series, kingdom hearts series, god of war series. I am definitely excited for soul Calibur 6 and excited for kingdom hearts 3, and God of war 4.





Date published: 16/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1)  Jeannail Carter [Facebook] (2) ITS [eSport team] 

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