Jason Todd has been revealed for Titans (2018) this is badass !


I’m so excited, Titans has a lot of potential to be epic, and yes I mean that I know a lot of the comic book community online are in an uproar due to this show being too dark and many leaks and official press pictures and also the reveal trailer for the live action adaption of Titans being revealed at SanDiego Comic-con, but this brand new character announcement will rectify this, actor Curran Walters will officially potray the iconic second Robin Jason Todd. 

The clip below, eventhough it is breif gives us a breif overview of the interesting dynamic between the original first Robin Dick Grayson and the second Robin Jason Todd, both of them are significant members of the Batman Family.






Date published: 14/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1)  IT’S TRAILER TIME [YouTube] 

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