Hunter X Hunter Manga Returning Offically 

Hunter X Huner Mangaka is almost done with his hiatus and will be working on bringing back the manga to the his audience  Yoshihiro Togashi ‘s popular manga “Hunter × Hunter”  will return to  “Weekly Shonen Jump” No. 43 released for the 22th of September 2018, this breaking news was announced by Sasaki Hisashi on Twitter the Vice President GLOBAL SHONENJUMP VIZ Media. Former editor in chief of Weekly SHONENJUMP. 

The series, which started serializing in 1998, is an adventure fantasy in which a hero’s boy Gon goes on a journey with his close friend Kirua and his colleagues. Currently, in the ship aiming for traveling to the unexplored continent, “Dark Continent Edition” is drawn, in which the speculations of each character collide, such as members of Krapika and the illusion brigade. 

It has been closed several times so far, recently it was closed from September 17, and after about 5 months I will resume the series in January 18, but after that it is closed again from April. In the 380th episode of the magazine 18 last published, “I will be closed for a while from the next issue. Mr. Togashi said, “I’m sorry for being unavailable, I will try my best to come back as soon as possible” on the table of contents page, as soon as the resumption is decided. 

Knowing that the series will resume on the net, “Hunter Hunter resurrection congratulations” “Hunter Hunter can be read at the end of Heisei” is said to be a joyful voice. 





Date published: 04/09/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source (1) Oricon [Japanese News Website] (2) Saskai Hisashi [Shonen Jump]

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