Marvel’s Spider-Man will be web swinging into action this September 


insomniac’s Game’s titular action adventure, superhero game Spider-Man (PS4) video game is one of the most highly anticipating video games of 2018, because it focusses on a 23-year-old adult Peter Parker who is balancing his life as a scientist and superhero vigilante in New York.

 In this exclusive PlayStation 4 game, you will play as Spider-Man like you never have before. The incredible graphics, showcasing the presentation of New York City in this game is impressive in this title, you will play as the world-famous Spider-Man who possesses amazing parkour abilities and wall-crawling powers which will all enable Spider-Man to combat his enemies. (Sinister Six)



The launch trailer features the following: 

  • Spider-Man webslinging through New York City 
  • Spider-Man warning Miles Morales to leave the superhero business to the superheroes 
  • Spider-Man vs Wilson Fisk 
  • We get out first look at Rhino in this game
  • Silver Sable who is a bounty hunter, after Spider-Man since he is a vigilante to the opposing side 
  • Overall awesome graphics and gameplay from various characters in the Spider-Man (PS4) universe. 


Spider-Man (PS4) will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 only and will be released on September the 7th 2018



Date published: 14/06/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source (1) PlayStation [YouTube]

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