Nero is ready to rock, your world and eliminate those pesky demons in Devil May Cry 5 !!!


News just in, Devil May Cry 5 will be playable at this year’s Gamescom. Japanese video games director and video games designer Hideaki Itsuno has confirmed this news on his official Twitter, Hideaki Itsuno is best known as the director of the Power Stone, Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma series’. In addition to that, he was also behind many of Capcom’s popular fighting game franchises such as Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha, Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2, Street Fighter 3 and Rival Schools. 

Gamescom is an annual press event that takes place in Germany in Europe from August 21st and concludes on August 25th. Capcom will host a Devil May Cry 5 panel at Pax West at the end of the month, with new gameplay being shown and other exclusive content being shown worldwide.







Date published: 13/06/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source (1) tomqe [Twitter]  [Twitter]

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