Disney Channel releases the first teaser for live-action Kim Possible film (2019)

The first teaser trailer for Kim Possible the Disney Channel movie is here 

Kim Possible Disney Channel Movie



Disney has released the first, teaser trailer for the upcoming, highly anticipated original live action movie for the critically acclaimed animated series Kim Possible that aired throughout 2002-2007, the leading role of Kim Possible will be portrayed by actress Sadie Stanley, in the video she states the iconic catch phrase “So what’s the sitch..” which is what Kim Possible’s catchphrase for what’s the situation, the trailer is a kick-ass and displays Sadie Stanley’s high level of athleticism and enthusiasm, she performs spy movement mannerisms, superhero landing and an iconic front side kick, Sadie is a total badass and I am looking forward to this movie, I hope you’re as excited as I am.




Kim Possible Sadie Stanley.jpg
©  DISNEY  Sadie Stanley Kim Possible for the Kim Possible (2018) movie








Date published: 12/06/18

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source (1) Disney Channel [YouTube]   (2) Kim Possible (2019) [IMDB]

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