New X-Force characters, uniforms, and content added in newest update – LOS ANGELES (August 8, 2018) – Netmarble Corp.,


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T he fastest growing mobile games company worldwide, today unveiled new X-Force in-game content along with the fantastic arrival of anti-hero Deadpool for its action RPG game for mobile devices, MARVEL Future Fight

Available on iOS and Android devices on August 8, the latest game update introduces five new characters, including Deadpool, Psylocke, Domino, Fantomex and Stryfe, and two new X-Force uniforms for Cable and Colossus.

The game update also adds a new Epic Quest based off of X-Force and Deadpool and will allow players to acquire Deadpool instantly when beginning the new quest. Players can upgrade Deadpool by progressing through the Epic Quest.

Players can also get excited for other changes, including Tier-3 upgrades and new ultimate skills for Deadpool in this latest update. Additionally, various events are added to celebrate the update and Marvel Studio’s 10 Year Anniversary. Players will be able to acquire rewards including 6 6-Star characters and Tier-2 Advancement Tickets through the Check-In Calendar, and acquire items for Deadpool’s advancement by trading in event quest tokens.

MARVEL Future Fight recently celebrated its third anniversary, hosting special in-game events for its more than 86 million players around the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store® and Google Play™.

App Store®:

Google Play™:

For more information on MARVEL Future Fight, please visit

Date published: 07/08/18 

Written by Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) From: Netmarble, Re: Marvel Future Fight [Gamespress press release]

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    1. That’s so awesome, yeah I play this game currently it’s badass and full of Marvel superheroes I use Iron-Man he’s a very versatile character and Bleach Brave Souls is a must try for me too what characters do you use ?

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      1. That’s cool. When I used to have that game, I used to play as Spider-Man most of the time. In Bleach Brave Souls, I usually play as Ichigo or Renji. I need to power my level 5 and 6 characters.

        Liked by 1 person

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